storm shelters mississippi

storm shelters mississippi

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Protect your family from storm and tornadoes in Mississippi

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DescriptionA rotating column of air that originates from a thunder storm extends to the ground is termed as tornado and each year, Mississippi is lashed by such tornadoes no less than twenty seven times. In the history of the United States, Mississippi has experienced three of the ten most deadly tornadoes, with wind speeds up to 250 miles per hour or more. The changing weather patterns have made the tornadoes more devastating and Storm shelters Mississippi are the only answer to nature’s fury that can give your family a chance of survival.

Tornado shelters

Tornado shelters are made of various sizes and specifications. These are generally made of steel and built sturdily to withstand the ravages of storms. You can place the shelter on the ground or can choose an underground shelter, depending on your convenience. Underground shelters come in fiberglass and can fit into any yard. The over ground unit that comes with indoor / outdoor carpeting, is secured to a concrete floor having minimum thickness of 4 inches, with anchor bolts and are available with lifetime warranty. These fortified rooms of steel can be accommodated in your office, home, garage and shop or on the outside of your home.

Quality and safety

The storm shelters Mississippi should have the highest level of safety and the quality of construction should meet with the set standards of FEMA 320.

• The tornado shelter is tested against wind speed of 700 mph that is equivalent to wind speed generated by a jet engine. It is tested to with stand :
• The impact of 4000 lbs when limber and bricks are dropped on to it from a height of 50 feet.
• The impact of a car that may be dropped from a height of 70 feet
• The attacks by high powered weapons.
• The impact of a vehicle weighing 3500 lbs.

Construction features

The floor, roof and walls are made from ¼” thick steel plates and the frame is constructed of 4 inch structural channels of steel. The corner and edges are reinforced with 3”x3” structural angles and the exteriors are painted with corrosion proof paint. There are vents provided for ventilation and to maintain natural flow of air. The metal floor acts as the ground and prevents electrocution in case of contact with snapped power lines or if lightning strikes.

Testing standards

All storm shelters Mississippi must be tested at the Texas Tech University’s The Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. A serial number and seal of NSSA is mandatory for all shelters. The NSSA certificate states that the members of NSSA have endorsed that the shelter’s design, construction and installation are compliant with the standards of ICC (International Code Council)/NSSA500-2008 (Nation Storm Shelter Association) as stipulated inFEMA-320-2008.

Install a storm shelter and you will be at ease during the season of tornadoes. Forget those sleepless nights and anxious moments and have peace of mind as you can now protect your family from the furious hurricanes and storms.
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