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Quake-Catcher Network Sensor Monitoring

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Recent Maintenance Outage - No New Credits
The recent maintenance outage was necessary as the database server was running out of disk space. I archived the trigger data and trimmed the BOINC result tables so that the project should have a year's worth of space at current rates. However, this means that the BOINC credit scripts will be turned off - so there will be no BOINC credits added in future workunits until further notice. If BOINC credits are very important to you, you should probably stop running QCN. 4 Dec 2015, 8:46:14 UTC · Comment

QCN in the classroom (CBS News in Los Angeles)
CBS news in Los Angeles interviewed teachers and students in Chaffey Union Joint High School District. Watch the story here. 11 Nov 2015, 1:11:43 UTC · Comment

If You're Having Trouble Connecting Since the Big Move to CalTech....
Some people are having trouble connecting -- this is probably due to the operating system (it seems to mostly be a Windows problem) caching the old qcn.stanford addresses, and not liking the forwarding to qcn.caltech (probably a "safety feature" in Windows).

You can try doing a "Reset Project" in the BOINC Manager program to see if that will correct things. If not, you may have to do a more drastic "Remove Project" and then "Attach Project" to our new URL: http://qcn.caltech.edu/sensor

You may want to first go to the "Your Account" page at the website to make sure you know which email address you used, and find/recover your password information as you will need this to login again.
23 Jul 2015, 12:09:05 UTC · Comment

QCN Move to CalTech Is Completed 16 July 2015
The move of the QCN project from Stanford to Caltech seems to have gone smoothly. Thanks to all involved at Stanford Earth Sciences and Caltech GPS for making this transition possible. There may be kinks to iron out over the next few days; but the project seems to be back up and running. You do not have to do anything on your BOINC account - as the QCN addresses/URLs are being forwarded automatically from Stanford to Caltech. 17 Jul 2015, 3:47:22 UTC · Comment

QCN Move To CalTech Starting 7/13/2015
The QCN servers will be packed up at Stanford next Monday (July 13th) and FedEx'd overnight to CalTech. It is hoped that by the end of next week the servers will be online at CalTech and the project will begin running again. We are forwarding our Internet DNS from Stanford to CalTech so that machines connected to "qcn.stanford.edu" will be routed to the new server location automatically (probably qcn.caltech.edu). More information will be sent once things are back up and running - but it's most likely the project will be down the week of July 13th. You shouldn't have to do anything - BOINC will automatically connect once it detects the servers are back up. 7 Jul 2015, 16:51:52 UTC · Comment

QCN is moving to CalTech in July!
The QCN project servers will be moving to CalTech and will be hosted in the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences (GPS). The exact dates are uncertain but it will probably be by mid-July. All of us on QCN wish to thank the staff at CalTech for hosting us (and at relatively short notice). There will probably be a few days "down time" when the servers are transported. The Stanford DNS will point this URL (qcn.stanford.edu) to the new home page at CalTech (probably qcn.caltech.edu). There will be more updates as we get closer to the actual move. 22 May 2015, 22:57:30 UTC · Comment

QCN/BOINC app for Android Devices Now Available
QCN now runs on Android ARM-processor devices (phones, tablets, etc) via BOINC for Android, which is available on the Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=edu.berkeley.boinc

It is recommended to run using the default settings - ie QCN will run on your Android device when it's charging ("at rest" so it won't trigger every few seconds) and on a wifi network. The network and CPU requirements are very small, typically 1-5% CPU, and a few kilobytes per day.

Just download BOINC for Android from the Google Play store link above, and attach to "qcn.stanford.edu/sensor"

Note that this app is not graphical - we are looking to make a QCNLive-style Android add-on for displaying the QCN/BOINC app/accelerometer information.
1 Feb 2014, 20:11:31 UTC · Comment

QCN Explorer Website for Demonstrating QCN Sensors and Earthquakes
Our colleagues at the University of Delaware have created a website qcnexplorer.org in which you can simulate earthquake events and their effect on a QCN sensor network. 22 Jan 2014, 17:41:34 UTC · Comment

Reinstall BOINC if Upgraded to Mac OS X 10.9 (Maverick)
You should reinstall BOINC after upgrading to "Maverick" as the upgrade will lose the necessary BOINC accounts, hence the permissions in the directory will be wrong. You can download it from http://boinc.berkeley.edu/download.php 28 Oct 2013, 18:55:46 UTC · Comment

US Gov't Shutdown - No USGS Data
Note that due to the recent US government shutdown - the USGS will not be providing data for the QCNLive & QCN/BOINC earthquake map, and matching of USGS detected events to QCN events. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon. 1 Oct 2013, 21:19:52 UTC · Comment

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