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  • QCN App for BOINC on Android Available

    QCN now runs on Android ARM-processor devices (phones, tablets, etc) via BOINC for Android, which is available on the Google Play store: It is recommended to run using the default settings – ie QCN will run on your Android device when it’s charging (“at …

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  • QCN 2013 Meeting

    QCN researchers met at Fall AGU meeting in San Francisco on December 11, 2013. The event included the speakers who actively involve to the QCN project. The agenda and presentation files can be downloaded from the following links (click the links to download): and …

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  • QCN Explorer

    Want to make your own simulations of earthquakes and see what happens with a network of QCN sensors? Check out the QCN Explorer! QCN Explorer allows users to simulate how the QCN responds to an earthquake with various numbers and distributions of QCN sensors.

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  • QCN Source Code Available on github

    We are opening up the source code for QCN for those of you who want to experiment (for example) with QCNLive and the sensors. The code is under the “LGPL” license (as are dependencies such as BOINC, Qt, etc) There are project workspace for Windows …

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  • NEES/QCN Open House for Future Teachers

    NEES@UCSB personnel hosted an open house for future science teachers in the Givertz Graduate School of Education at UC Santa Barbara in April 2013. Sandra Seale and Francesco Civilini, NEES project specialists, gave a training session in “Make Your Own Earthquake” using the QCN sensor. …

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  • QCN Featured in TEDx Talk

    Project collaborator Debi Kilb gave a TEDx talk on ‘Using Videogames to Cultivate Future Scientists’ which includes a videogame created around the QCN project. Check out the video of her talk here. Associate Project Scientist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, studies …

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  • New QCN Software Released (v.7.29), Windows 8 Compatibility

    There are new versions of QCN/BOINC and QCNLive for all platforms, due to upgrades in the BOINC libraries as well as the development tools on Mac (Xcode4) and Windows (VS2010). There is no longer support for the MotionNode accelerometer, nor for the Mac PowerPC (PPC) …

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  • Using the Nintendo Wii Nunchuk on QCN

    Here is something of interest to electronics hobbyists: QCN Participant Jonathan Thomson has hacked together a way to use the Nintendo Wii Nunchuk controller as a QCN accelerometer. His work is documented at his blog

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