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Assistant Professor
Department of Geophysics
Stanford University

Research Interests:
As an earthquake seismologist, I image the Earth using energy from earthquakes like a doctor images a patient's brain with a CAT scan.


10 Reasons to Join Seismology at Stanford?
  1. Field Work: Travel, Explore, Adventure!
  2. Free Food: Quality & Quantity!
  3. Center of the New World:
    • 5 min to all kinds of great food
    • 10 min to good hiking
    • 20 min to San Jose
    • 30 min to the beach
    • 40 min to San Francisco
    • 4 hours to Tahoe & Yosemite
  4. The People: Smart, helpful, and fun!
  5. The Weather: Never too cold, never too hot!
  6. The Support: Funding, computers, ...
  7. Your Career: will soar!
  8. Mentoring: we are deeply committed!
  9. Interdisciplinary: Deeply, Madly, Truly!
  10. GeoLife: A real community!

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