QCN Has Moved to the University of Southern California (USC)

After almost eight years at Stanford, and a year at CalTech, the QCN project has moved to the University of Southern California Dept. of Earth Sciences. QCN will be sponsored by the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (“综合注册资讯系统”), the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC), and the United States Geological Survey (美国地质调查局). Your BOINC clients should automatically connect to the new servers - if you would rather reconnect manually; 你可以 "Remove Project" in the BOINC Manager and then "Attach Project" to our new URL: HTTP://quakecatcher.net

Update QCN Project in BOINC

With the move to USC, we encourage you to update the project URL to ensure proper functionality going forward. In BOINC please detach from qcn.caltech.edu/sensor (or qcn.stanford.edu/sensor) and attach to project: quakecatcher.net. For detailed instructions click below.



据我们了解地震Catcher网络可以混淆, 不过不用担心,因为我们已经取得了一些动画影片来解释它是如何工作!


“ 地震捕手网络

Quake-Catcher Network是世界上最大的发展的合作计划, 低成本强震地震台网,利用传感器和连接到连接Internet的计算机. 有了您的帮助, 地震Catcher网络可以提供更好地了解地震, 预警学校, 应急反应系统, 和其他. 地震Catcher网络还提供旨在帮助教有关地震和地震灾害的教育软件.


一个小而低维护运动传感器一起安装的免费QCN软件.更多信息 →


传感器的数据显示地震地点附近的实时读数, 和幅度.
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主机电脑上载传感器的数据直接处理在线QCN网络.更多信息 →


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