Update QCN Project in BOINC

With the move to Caltech complete, we encourage you to update the project URL to ensure proper functionality going forward. In BOINC please detach from qcn.stanford.edu/sensor and attach to project: qcn.caltech.edu/sensor. For detailed instructions click below.

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QCN Moved to CalTech on July 13th, 2015!

After almost eight years at Stanford, the QCN project servers moved to CalTech on 7/13/2015 and are now hosted in the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences (GPS). If you are already running QCN via BOINC - you do not have to do anything - the Stanford web addresses are automatically pointing to CalTech.

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Intelligimus contremísce aucupe Network potest confundentes, Sed ne aliquid animatum ipsum quia dolor quemadmodum omnia opera!

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-The mota Catcher Network

Tipse contremísce-prehenderat Network est Collaborative inceptum, progressionem mundi pretium, humili-sumptus fortis motu seismic network per adhibendis sensoriis in et attachiatus ad Penitus-connexa computers. Cum auxilium, in contremísce-aucupe Network potest melius intellectus terraemotus, dare mane admonitio ad scholis, subitis responsio systemata, et aliis. In contremísce-aucupe Network etiam praebet educational software disposuerat ad auxilium docere de terraemotus et terraemotus pericula.

A parva et humilis sustentationem motus sensorem est installed cum libera QCN software.magis info →

Sensorem notitia revelat iuxta realis tempus lectionibus terraemotus locis, et magnitudo.
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Militiae computers upload eorum sensorem notitia directe ad online QCN network ad procedendum.magis info →


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